Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hearth Room Mini-Makeover, Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of the Hearth Room Mini-Makeover.

As I mentioned yesterday, outfitting our little hearth room was a challange because the space is small intimate.  I'd find a chair I like, then measure it.  Today's furniture is so BIG and fitting two chairs in the space would make it look pretty crammed.

I'd just finished an semester-long class on reupholstering furniture, so I began to consider antique furniture, which was made for smaller scaled people than we are today.   Then, I found a posting on Craig's List for two FREE chairs with the disclaimer they'd need to be reupholstered.  Perfect!  I called the guy immediately and he bragged how he bought them from an estate in a hoity toity area of the city.

He didn't mention on the phone that he had three large manx cats.

I am not daunted.  So, I signed up for a second sememster of upholstery and hauled my projects to class.  Despite their size, they are heavy.  And the seat cushions have springs inside and are amazingly dense.  Even the instructor was impressed.

And the final result?

I love the warmth of the worn arm rests.  I rubbed them with Howard's Restor-a-Finish to even the sheen but maintain that great patina.

Right now, we have a coffee table in the room which I moved for the pictures, but I'm thinking of replacing it with an ottoman. 

(Truth be known, the chairs normally FACE the fireplace.)

Now this is a great place to relax in the winter.  I'll put on more coffee for you.

Note: If you are interested in learning upholstery, check a nearby community college or trade school.  I found my upholstery classes in the continuing education section at a technical school, so it was very reasonably priced considering it was a twelve week course and provided all the tools and supplies I'd need, such as cord for piping, staples, dacron, cotton batting, adhesives, tack strips, ply grip, etc.  The only thing not provided was fabric, gimp, decorative tacks and foam.  Some extension offices offer upholstery and furniture refinishing classes as well.


  1. What a fantastic job! You mentioned taking a class, where should I look to find classes?

  2. OMG, these chairs turned out stunning. People that done upholster have no idea of how hard this task is and you did such a fantastic job. Terry

  3. Check the continuting education departments of nearby community colleges or technical/vocational schools for upholstery classes. Our extension office occasionally offers upholstery classes as well.

  4. love those old chairs I have one of my grandmothers they are truly very very pretty

  5. They look fabulous! You really did a great job.

  6. if you need practice or are giviing lessons Ive got some projects to tackle!
    they look great!

  7. Woweeeee! I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am that you upholstered these chairs. They are LOVELY. I can't believe you did it yourself!! GOod for you!

  8. wow wow wow!! Those classes sure did pay off. I wish I was sitting in one of those right now. I am shocked at the before. It boggles my mind as to how someone would let it get to that point in the first place....

    Take care,

  9. Nice job!!!! Those chairs are definitely worth a save, such great lines!!

  10. Really beautiful! Looks comfy, cozy...toasty!

  11. Wow! Those are AWESOME!! I wish I were taking classes..I have an awkwardly shaped, but very cool, chair, in my garage, waiting for a cover job..I am just too chicken to tackle it! lol

  12. Love how they turned out. You give me hope! Kim

  13. Hi ya, new follower here because you are AWESOME!!! With all capitol letters! Those chairs are KILLA!

    I have chairs very similar to these but those chair backs scare the heck outta me. I am going to have to look into upholstery classes here in town. I would love to perfect this skilled art!

    Yours turned out very impressive!
    Deb @

  14. It was really good to sit on this chairs nearest to fireplace. You have done really nice job. You deserve for appreciation.

  15. Your chairs look awesome! I love the fun fabric you used to update them. Your upholstery job looks really good, too. I've been wanting to take one of those night classes to learn how to reupholster, too. You made me realize it definitely is worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. your chairs are Fabulous!!! I love the channel backs, and especially love that you didn't refinish them but only enhanced their original finish. your fabric choice is lovely and I'm so impressed that you did them yourself.
    wonderful, wonderful job! now, that's a great CL find!!
    love your sweet pup in the last photo!!

    so nice to meet you!

  17. Oh my goodness! Your chairs look amazing! You did a beautiful job. You should be so proud!

  18. Congrats! You did a great job with your chairs! Really, they look professionally done.



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