Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pardon My Rant - 2014 Edition

UPDATE: This is the last DIY/decor post for Tallgrass Design. I'm keeping the name but shifting gears into an art blog. Several of my DIY posts still get a lot of traffic, so I'll keep them available for now.

Since I didn't blog much this past year, I don't have much to look back on as we wrap up 2014. Instead, I reviewed my statistics for the most viewed posts, and my Trend Rant from 2011 is still one of my most popular posts.  Shall we see if anything looks better in the rear view mirror three years later?

Here we go again...A-hem.

1. Antlers
2011 - I'm not a vegan, vegetarian, PETA member, anti-hunting, etc, but I don't think antlers look classy.  They are the last thing I'd want in my house.  Period.

2014 - I still don't want dead things hanging in my house. Or faux dead things.  Which leads us to...

2. Faux Deer Heads
2011 - And that also goes for the trend of mounting faux deer heads too.  Funny how there were NO paper mache deer left in the craft stores after Christmas because everyone thought it was a great idea to saw the heads off them and glue them to a wood plaque.  Then paint the whole mess white.  Ick!

2014 - I'd say most of these were tossed in the trash bin by March.

3. Numbers on Everything
2011 - Where did this come from?  It might work in a toddler's room.  I say don't put it anywhere else in your house, unless you are catering your decor for a three-year-old who can't count.

2014 - I still see this in blogland.  Every time I see a row of bar stools with numbers painted on them, I want to sneak into that room and rearrange them.

(No, I didn't add numbers to my favorite lamp!)

4. "Keep Calm and Carry On"
2011 - Darling, you've worn out your welcome.

2014 - Oh good grief, GO AWAY!

5. Painting Kitchen Cabinets
2011 - Let's stop hating on the oak.  Now, I know golden oak is out, out, out.  And I've got it all over my circa 1993 house.  Yeah, I'd love to replace the kitchen with a more contemporary wood and stain.  But I don't think too many kitchens are so hideous that painting wood cabinets in GOOD condition green, yellow or teal is a good long term improvement.  It will look awful when the paint gives out.  Or that color goes out of style.  Kitchen cabinets are ex-pen-sive.  Switch out the hardware and call it a day.

2014 - I parted ways with the golden oak house this year.  Everyone is still talking about white kitchens online, but after looking at a lot of houses over the past three years, white kitchens don't seem to fly in our particular housing market.  We bought a hutch off Craigslist a few weeks ago, and the homeowners had DIY-painted their oak kitchen.  Now it is white upper cabinets and gray base cabinets.  While it was on trend, the house looked completely unmarketable for the neighborhood.

6. Painting Wood Furniture without Regard to Style
2011 - I saw before/after photos on a popular blog recently, and I kid you not, I thought they switched the photos.  It was a sideboard that was green and it looked colonial and classic.  Then someone got their mits on it, painted it bright yellow and decoupaged blue birds on the doors.  Someday, it's going to be sitting on the curb and people will walk by and shudder.

2014 - I'm hearing everywhere that the economy is improving.  Could this mean the end of the distressed chalk paint/milk paint trend?  While that look made being thrifty chic for a while, I think most people will be ready to move on to furniture that actually looks NEW once they feel financially secure again.  Besides, this trend made me a little mad because it really drove up prices of used furniture at thrift stores which historically were there to serve a segment of the population who are economically disadvantaged.

7. The Moustache Motif
2011 - It was funny the first time.  Now it's giving me the heebies.  Just. go. away. NOW!

2014 - This one is for the seven and under crowd.  It's right up there along with making inappropriate noises with one's armpit.

8. Religious Objects As Superficial Decorating Accessories
2011 - If you are Catholic, by all means, hang a crucifix on your wall.  If you are a serious scholar and collector, you get a pass if you display religious artifacts.  But, I noticed a lot of santos, religious icons and crucifixes in home decor boutiques lately.  Ballard Design has even gotten in on this action with their santos dollmaker forms.  It's like the Buddha trend from a couple of years ago.  If you have it in your home because you believe it and it is the guiding force of your life, you have my blessing.  Religion is serious stuff.  People have laid down their lives for their beliefs.  And still do.  It's not a fashion accessory, poser.

2014 - This seems to be fading. Creepy santos be gone, Ballard Designs!

9. Chalkboard Paint on Everything
2011 - Especially tabletops. Why on creation would you want smeary, dusty looking furniture?  Keep the chalkboard paint on actual chalkboards.

2014 - Can you put Kilz over chalkboard paint?  I'm sure someone out there knows.

10. Chandeliers EVERYWHERE
2011 - Like laundry rooms.  Get over yourself already.

2014 - I'm seeing a lot of bloggers replacing their ceiling fans with chandeliers, especially in the bedroom.  I'll bet that there are a lot of sweaty husbands out there gritting their teeth in July.

I'm climbing off my soapbox now.  Thanks for listening, AGAIN.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One Year Later...Open for Business

It has been over a year since my last post.  I'd be surprised if any of my readers are still out there.  If so, hello again.

So much has changed over the past year.  Good changes.  Life altering changes.  Such changes that turned my world upside down, I set aside the blog without warning.

The dust is starting to settle, and I'm ready to blog again, but what do I talk about now?

We've moved to a different home, and honestly, posting photos of our home on-line doesn't seem so appealing any more.  Privacy is more important to us now.

When we moved, the spousal unit declared war on vignettes and knick-knacks.  After packing up countless books, vases, bowls, and trays, I can't say that I blame him.  Three months after we'd moved in, I opened one box filled with little bird figurines.  I unwrapped one after another after another after another.  It was rather embarrassing. Enough!

So where does that leave you and me?  Honestly, I'm trying to decide.  My craft room was the last room to be packed because it was such a mess.  Organization was finally heaved aside as moving day approached.  I marked one box "Essentials" and one box "Etsy." The rest was just tossed in boxes simply labeled "Craft Room." I can hardly find anything now.

The good news is that I have Christmas pillows this year!

Truthfully, I've been so dismayed to see Etsy become filled with mass produced stuff.  What happened to it being a market place for vintage and handmade items?

I've looked into alternatives, but for now Etsy makes the most sense for me and my little shop currently operating from the dining room table until my craft studio is finished which may be years from now.

Be advised that I am running low on everyone's favorite damask, so this might be its last year.

I do have pillows with green bows available, but I still need to take new pictures of them.

I've added a teal bow this year.  Isn't it cute?

Visit my Etsy shop here to see more.