Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden Walk at Dusk

Dusk: The darkest stage of twilight.

The crickets and the toads are beginning their evening songs.

In a couple of weeks, the lightning bugs will be making their appearance.

I had one lone yellow iris in the garden this year.  It was transplanted from my grandmother's garden a couple of years ago.  I'm pleased I didn't lose it in last year's drought.

And the nodding columbine sways in the corner, spreading its seeds everywhere.  It's one of the most prolific plants in my garden.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garden Walk at Twilight

No, I'm not talking about the young adult fiction series about a peculiar love triangle.

I'm talking about that wonderful time of day between light and dark.  In a couple of weeks I wouldn't dare be outside this time of day, even coated with bug spray.  But the mosquitoes haven't been too bad yet.

Shall we take a stroll through the garden?  One variety of lavender is in full bloom.

The peonies were behind schedule this year.  They finally bloomed this week, and then torrential rain promptly knocked over the pretty blooms.

The mint broke from its pot last year and bolted.  It looks pretty now, but it will be a problem I'll have to remedy soon.

There aren't many blooms on the lilac this year, but they still smell wonderful.

My favorite annual is the geranium.  I remember a great-grandmother had potted geraniums.  They always remind me of her.  

Gardening evokes such wonderful memories of those who came before me.  Do you have a flower that reminds you of someone or someplace special?