Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Florist Garden

Even though we are planning to overhaul a portion of our garden to make room for more vegetables this year, I still love my flowers.

I picked up this piece of wood at ReStore.

I think it was originally some sort of cabinet face.

I love finding things like this.  No cutting.  No router required.

I handpainted the lettering.  I find this detailwork to be very relaxing. 

It fits perfectly over the door to the backyard.

Not bad for a salvaged trim piece that cost me a dollar, huh?

I'm linkin' up...

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  1. Very cool, I love thrifty finds like that!

  2. LOOKS GREAT! I have a piece of wood like that, but i don't know about my painting abilities.

  3. Not bad at all! I love that phrase. How did you free-hand that?? It looks amazing! I need all the help I can get to paint a straight line! ;)
    I'm having TWO giveaways right now--love it if you could check them out!

  4. Beautiful job! So chic, elegant, and French! :)

    xoxo laurie


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