Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Quilt Update

To bring the newcomers up to speed, I started a quilt in January that I am going to donate to the 2011 Warm Embrace Project. The quilt will be given to a child this Christmas who is currently in foster care in South-Central Kansas.

It has to be finished by November.  I knew it would take me months to finish it, which is why I started early. 

Let's hear it for being realistic!

First, I'd like to thank all the kind people who reached into their fabric stashes and sent me favorite 6" square scraps.  Some of you are quilting for your own favorite causes and I commend you.

As with all big projects, I started with really great intentions and plenty of snowy days to spend at the sewing machine.

And then came Spring.  Blue skies.  Warm sun.  Who wants to be inside?  Not me!

And then those balmy days turned into day after day after day of this:

Ninety-nine degrees.  Whew!  Who wants to be outside?  Not me!

In my grand quilting plan, I knew this would happen.  Really.  I anticipated it.  Time to start sewing again!

I'm making a disappearing nine-patch quilt.  The squares have been neatly trimmed and stitched into larger 9-patch squares.

Using a straight edge and a rotary cutter, the large square is quartered.

Assembling has been fun so far, but this stage is a blast.  Let's see another one:

Only...let's see...40 more squares to go!

But I'm on a roll now.  Bring on the heat!  I'll be in the cool basement sewing these darling squares together.

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