Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preparing for Autumn

Considering autumn is my favorite season, I really didn't dive into fall decorating this year.

I think I was in revolt against some of the neighbors that put their Halloween decorations out early in September.

We're talking witches hanging from trees on Labor Day.  That's just wrong.

But the trees are bursting into their glorious colors, the days are considerably shorter, and I'm ready to bring the colors of fall into our home.

Since the mantels are already full, I decorate the sideboard in the dining room instead.

I'm keeping things simple this year, like this mini pumpkin perched on a candle holder with a little Spanish moss.

See that brown suede box in the background?  That's where I stash the chocolate.  Shhh!

I found this little cherub at my favorite thrift store last spring.  He was a sickly worn-out verdigris.

He's been in my craft studio all summer while I decided what color to paint him.  White?  White with a brown glaze?

When I decided he was going to go into the dining room for autumn, I decided he needed to be bronze to stand out against the light walls.

I think he's a handsome little guy now.

Did I make the right choice with the bronze?

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  1. Like the cherub and I agree about you on neighbors who put out holiday decorations way, way too early.

  2. Great job! Coming from Liz's party...nice to meet ya!

  3. coming over from Liz's party - first time by. The bronze is a nice touch.

  4. Yes, bronze was a great choice! Pretty vignette!

    I don't like seeing TOO early decorations either!



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