Monday, July 9, 2012

Pineapple Lamp Love

Recently, I was a stalker.

A thrift store stalker.  Someone found some vintage watercolor prints before I did.  She called over her companion for a look.  She held one up, "Look, they are scenes from Rome!"

They were in a stack on the floor, and I had walked right by them.  Dang it!  I pretended to be interested in nearby shelf of candlestick holders, stealing glances over shoulders.  Hoping she might change her mind.  And ready to pounce if she walked away from them.

Win some, lose some.  More often than not, I'm hauling something to the cashier, and I can see it in everyone's faces...

"What is she going to do with THAT?"

Like this pineapple lamp I found at a vintage market.  Love at first sight!  It was a busy afternoon, and the store was filled with people.  I couldn't believe it was still there!

The lamp shade wasn't included, but I had the perfect black shade at home.  The price is right.  It was meant to be!

I think it originally had dangles from its leaves.  No matter, it looks much better without them.  Check out the patina.

Forget about those predictable three-matching-lamps-in-a-box found at the usual shopping center home stores. 

Vintage-glam-oversized pineapple lamp, you will be mine!


  1. now thats a cool lamp!!!

  2. I would have been stalking you hoping you'd change your mind about that lamp - absolutely fabulous find!!


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