Friday, December 7, 2012


The hearth room is one of my favorite rooms.  Too small to be a family room, it's really a waste of space, but it's a cozy waste of space.

Mornings and evenings are my favorite times of day in here. 

It's the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee.  Since the room is small, I keep decorating to a minimum.  I gave up on keeping the silver compote dish polished and just enjoy its dull patina.

I think I prefer its tarnished imperfection over shiny elegance.


  1. Love the snippets of your hearth room. Looks like a really cute and cozy space. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays, liz

  2. I love that little tray with the things on it. It reminds me of Mary Carol's house. So pretty. I'm been dying to find more little trays where I can put stuff on them and placed them on a small table. So fun!


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