Saturday, July 10, 2010

Re-Purposed Message Board

Our local Habitat Re-Store (sales benefit Habitat for Humanity) recently celebrated its anniversary with a 25% off sale. I drooled over the great prices on the pallets of tile, but alas, we're not ready to tackle a tile project yet. Then, I found the racks of cabinet doors. And I'm seeing Message Boards. Someone get me a shopping cart!

I picked through the racks of old doors, searching for large doors that had a framed trim, like this one:

There were already two holes drilled in the door from the old cabinet pull. I drilled a third hole and gave the entire door a light sanding. Always take care when sanding or removing paint from objects that might contain lead based paint. Since I was planning on lightly distressing the finish, I skipped the primer and went straight for the spray paint.

Confession Number One: I love paint. If it doesn't move in our house, I might paint it.

What a handsome couple!

The frame received three light coats of spray paint, then the entire surface was lightly sanded with fine grit sandpaper and finished with extra fine steel wool.

Since the distressing left the gloss of the spray paint uneven, I used a wipe-on poly over the previously painted surface.

I carefully brushed chalkboard paint on the center section, using an angled artist's brush for the corners.

Portrait of a Paint Brush

The "hooks" are cabinet door pulls from Target. After installing two saw-toothed hangers and a pair of bumpers on the back side I had a one of a kind message board, perfect for organizing keys and the dog's leashes.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day!

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  1. What a great idea - we often visit the Habitat restore and I had never thought of doing this! thanks for sharing


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