Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

I came into this wooden craft box, which had been painted with tulips.  Not really my style.  Or anyone's style.  But I'm sure the intentions were good.

I couldn't bear to just toss it.  So it went into my junk room studio along with all the other unfinished potental projects.

I recently built super skinny console table for the hall upstairs, but I felt like it needed something besides a lamp and a couple of photos.  My thoughts turned back to this box.  I had some 1" wooden half-spheres from another project (more about that project to come) and I thought about gluing one on the lid to give it a little more umph, but it just didn't have the glam that I was seeking.

During my message board project, I looked at a lot great cabinet door pulls.  Ceramic.  Glass.  Novelty.  Oh, my!

But first, let's address the sad paint job.  I sanded the thick layer of tulips from the box.  Then, brought out the reinforcement:

Turquoise blue is such a great color right now, but I'm still detoxing my house from the mid-90s.  So I went with "Victoria Blue" from my stash for the base layer.  Let it dry.  Then, dry brush the surface with black craft paint.  Allow to dry to the touch.   Lightly dry-brush a layer of the Victoria Blue to "knock down" some of the blackness.  After drying overnight, I coated everything with Mod Podge.

Originally, I wanted a red glass flower pull for the lid.  I thought I had seen one somewhere.  Alas, I must have imagined it.  Hobby Lobby has a great selection of glass and ceramic cabinet pulls and they are marked 50% off regularly.  Drill a hole in the lid.  Since we're not talking about fine wood, I'd recommend starting with a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole, then work your way up to bit large enough to make a hole to accommodate the screw.  This should help prevent the wood from splitting.

End result:

Final cost to spruce up this little box?  $2.50.  Amazing what a little paint can un-do.
And it's been a rough week at work.  The project was cheaper than therapy. 

What little treasures shall we stash in it?

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