Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vanity Renewal

I was driving to the hardware store when I found this sweet vanity setting at someone's curb with the week's garbage.  It was in pretty sorry shape when I brought it home.  It wasn't a particularly fine piece of furniture, probably some kind of laminate veneer that had been painted white. Carelessly painted. The mirror was long gone, so the "horns" had to go!

I love to sew, but my "woman cave" in the basement doesn't have room for a sewing machine right now. Plus, since sewing is an activity that can take HOURS, I don't always like being in the basement on a pretty day. So I decided to make an annex in the guest room for the sewing machine. This bedroom has a large bay window, so I can open the windows and it's almost being outside.  So this vanity would be useful for an alternative sewing area and when guests come, the sewing machine is put away and I have a pretty little table.

I gave it a good cleaning and a light sanding and about three coats of spray paint in the oh-so-trendy Heirloom White.  Since it looked a little flat after the paint, I used a brown permanent marker to "distress" the corners and very, very, very gently sanded where I used the marker.

The top lifts on the right and left for a nice storage compartments.  They were originally designed to hold jewelry, but I ripped out that fuzzy stuff that lines jewelry boxes and replaced it with a lining of scrapbook paper and ModPodge. 

And it has a center drawer, so I lined it too. 

The original drawer pull was cheap AND crusted with old white paint.  I found this pull at Hobby Lobby on sale for about $2.50. 

Since I used spray paint I already had on hand, my total investment in this project was less than $4.

Notice that object on the right?  That's our dog.

The other perk to this room is the dog and cat love looking out the window here.  The dog has a great view of the street and the cat can watch the birds in the smoke tree just outside the widow.  Life is good for all of us.

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  1. Very cute! And you can't beat a find like that! Good job!


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