Monday, September 12, 2011

Mary Carol Garrity House Tour

Last weekend I drove to Atchison, Kansas, home of Mary Carol Garrity, founder of Nell Hill's.  It was her open house weekend, and I had to see her home for myself.

I was surprised to see that she lives on a typical street, the kind you see in the "historical" district of most Kansas towns.  In other words, some houses were large and well kept and mixed in were small, tidy bungalows.  And then there were the houses that probably fell from grace 40 years ago.  I think I saw a sofa on someone's front porch. 

Yes, it was that kind of historical neighborhood.

But Mary Carol's home was the grandest on the block.

The inside of the home was decorated for Christmas and the outside was decorated for autumn.

I've read in her books that when she's having a party, she has drinks ready just inside the front door.  It gets the party started and the tray stand blocks off access to the upper floor at the same time.  Pretty clever!

She literally covers her walls with art work. I love the line of prints above the door.

Everyone was ooing over the dining room table. The walls are a deep midnight blue, which is striking against all the magnificent trimwork in the room. I'm sure a setting like this would be magical during an evening dinner party.

I loved the breakfast nook.  I suspect it was a converted butler's pantry.  I love the built-in cabinet!

By the way, the kitchen was charming, but TINY.

Let's go outside!

She used a lot of orange for her autumn theme, but it didn't scream AUTUMN since it was paired with bold colors.

She's big on lanterns right now.  They were EVERYWHERE in both of her stores, Nell Hill's and Garrity's.  I thought the flowers and urns were a nice departure from the usual candles, especially during the day.

There was a lot of statuary scattered throughout the garden, filled with pumpkins, moss, and pinecones.

I've read on her blog that she doesn't have much of a green thumb and has alluded to having a gardener to tend the outdoor spaces.

With two stores in Atchison and one in Kansas City to keep her busy, I understand!

If you are ever northeast Kansas or Kansas City, visit one of her stores.  They are a delight and the prices are very reasonable for small home decor items.  Mary Carol often in her stores, so look for her and tell her hello!

If you pin, please be sure to give Mary Carol credit for her work.


  1. Fun tour! I noticed she had a " Bird Girl" in the garden. She's popular from book/movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Great tour!


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