Monday, September 19, 2011

Spool Table Love

I have a thing for spool tables.  They pack so much stylish punch into a tiny space.

I found my new spool table at my favorite thrift store.  Only it looked like this when I found it.

I was smitten at first glance.  Oh the curves and the delicate etching on the table top.  And it's only $8.

Nevermind the repulsed looks of other customers as I haul it to the cash register.  People, can't you see POTENTIAL?

It rolled around in the back of my car for two weeks while I tried to decide what color to paint it.  Go for a modern white?  A funky green?  Then I saw this spool table in Crate and Barrel. 

The price? $229!

But I was sold on the color.  I gave my $8 tarnished table a good rubbing with 0000 steel wool and a couple of coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Isn't she a beauty now?

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  1. I'm with you. I'd have snatched up that table quick and been out the door before anybody caught on to what a good deal it was. It looks great!


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