Monday, December 5, 2011

Comfort and Joy

During garage sale season, I'll scour Craigslist for the free leftovers people put at the curb after the sale has ended.  One summer I found a darling vintage sleigh.  The homeowner said his wife was debating whether or not to part with it, but it was clear he wanted it GONE.

I wasn't going question his judgment.

A few weeks ago at the holiday open house held at a local antique store I found a sweet teddy bear.  He's not really an antique, but he's jointed and his fur shows that he's been well loved.  And he was only seven dollars.

(I only felt slightly foolish carrying him around the store while I continued to shop.)

I could see him dressed in a fancy vest with holiday trimmings and sitting on the sleigh under the tree.  So I fashioned a vest from some scrap fabric.

His jointed arms made it easier to tailor the vest for a close fit.  I used some spare buttons I had on hand.  I purposely designed his vest to be open at the bottom so his tummy would show.  The bead-and-berry pick came from a box of chocolate from a past Christmas.

Isn't he darling?

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