Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of 2011

Ready for another "Best of 2011" post?

Yeah, I thought so.  Let's get to it.

10. Handpainted "Bienvenue" sign

I loved this sign!  I'm always on the hunt for another old cabinet door like it so I can make another.

9. Dumpster Rescue Chest of Drawers

Poor thing had names of hair bands scratched on its drawers, but it's been cleaned, painted and given a new life in my craft studio.

I added visual length to tiny basement egress windows.  It took two tries, but it's finally how I wanted least for now.

7.  Adding Patina to a Concrete Birdbath

I used outdoor craft paint and lots of ebow grease to add years to a new concrete bowl.

6. Lantern Love

Lanterns were everywhere this year and I had to have one.  A big one please, but not a big price.  ReStore to the rescue!

What dog doesn't love a good makeover?  I pulled the stuffing from the old smooshed bed and made a classic basket sans canine-themed print. 

Stay tuned because I'm not finished with this built-in yet!

Poor little thrift store cabinet was covered in gobs of glossy brown paint.  Amazing what a little love and A LOT of paint stripper can do.

2.  Potting Bench

What to do with an old garage workbench left behind by previous homeowners?  Turn it into a potting bench, of course.

1.  Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt

This project gets top honors because it took me 10 months to complete it.  Then I gave it away.  And that felt so good.

Thank you for joining me for another year.  2011 wasn't a big year for projects at Casa de Tallgrass, but I have high hopes and big dreams for 2012.  I hope you join me!

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  1. The lantern and potting bench are my favorites. Looking forward to what you have planned for 2012. Happy New Year!


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