Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rustic Cedar Boxes

I reached a milestone recently...100 followers!  Of course, we all know blogging isn't a popularity contest, but the feedback for all the work is rewarding.

I mentioned in my last post that I had some new cedar boxes I was crazy about this summer.  I started scheming this project as soon as the weather began to warm this spring.

I had been meaning to stop at the big box home improvement stores for some wood to build some wooden boxes to contain some of my garden supplies and pull together some of the small flower pots on the deck.  Then I came home from work one night and found my new next door neighbors replacing part of their fence.

Usually I'm pretty bashful about asking for things, but this time I spoke up.  Oh, let me take some of that old wood off your hands!

My new neighbor looked at me like I was nuts.

No worries...she'll get to know me soon enough!  I pulled enough wood to build two boxes, one for the potting bench and one for the deck.

I found the iron cherub at a local antique store, although I doubt he's an antique.  I've had this terra cotta pot for years, and it's my favorite.

Too bad trash day came so quickly, but they have three more sides of their fence that I'm sure they'll replace eventually.  I'll have my crowbar ready.

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  1. I LOVE this! What a great upcycle of what would have been discarded wood. And I love 'the neighbor will get to know me soon enough' lol! I feel the same way when they're trying not to stare as I'm pulling random old doors our of our car or looking through the neighborhood garbage on my evening stoll. haha Thank you so much for linking this up to our party.
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  2. LOL! Will blog for comments! You make me smile!

    I love your project! What a great way to re-use what others are going to get rid of! Your new/old boards are going to live a wonderful life repurposed on your back porch!

    Thank you so much for linking up and for all the inspiration!

    Happy Great Outdoors Day!

  3. LOL. Stalking your neighbors with a crowbar in hand ...

    My neighbors think I'm off my rocker too! Love how the project turned out too!

    ... and so happy you linked up at our party!



  4. Every time I come home with another treasure (which my husband thinks is trash), I get the same kind of look. What is she going to do with these? And that's exactly how your neighbour must have felt - and look what you've made. Terrific.

    And congrats on getting to 100 followers. It's not a popularity contest, but it does feel good (I'm at 108)

  5. Love the weathered look of the old wood. Just can't buy that at Home Depot, you know? Your box is lovely.

  6. love the look of the wood! so weathered and beautiful! what a fabulous job you did! thanks so much for linking up with us at mission possible! hugs...

  7. I love this! We are about to replace our old wood fence and I will be keeping the pieces to make cool projects like yours. Thanks for the inspiration!


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