Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's Blooming Now

Hello, Daisy!

What's blooming in your yard?  I always plant lots of geraniums.  I buy every shade of pink, but the orange one is my favorite this year.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the settings quite right on the camera, and the bright orange was completely blown. 

So I DIY'd my own Instagram effect with Photoshop.

iPhone?  We don't need no stinkin' iPhone!

I harvested the lavender last week, my favorite garden chore of the year even though I have to deal with the bees.  Sorry fellows, this buffet is closed, but there's a row of rose of sharon bushes about to pop.

We had another bumper crop of oregano this year, which is now cut, dried, and ready the tomatoes to join them in a yummy sauce. 

If I could make a living growing lavender and oregano, I'd be a rich woman.

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  1. Oh yes, oregano, the great garden hog. But it is full and pretty, and tastes good in food so we put up with it. We don't have so much luck with lavender in Michigan, but I do have a little patch.


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