Monday, June 11, 2012

Sit a Spell

I was busy this weekend.

Busy with outdoor work but not really working outside.  Saturday was kind of hot.

So I spent the hottest part of the day in the basement, where I'm re-organizing my craft studio, again.

It's really become a disaster, again.  I mean a real obstacle course!  Once I had enough room to work, I made a wreath for the garden.

Isn't the little sign cute?

Originally, it said something along the lines of "My husband said if I bought any more flowers, he would leave me.   I'm sure going to miss that man."  But it was fading and my husband didn't really appreciate the sentiment.

So I repainted it to something a little less offensive.

Next, I turned to a stack of old pillows I had been saving to recover for the patio furniture.

I had found a floral print in a remnant bin at a fabric outlet. I paid about three dollars for about two yards of it. I wasn't one hundred percent certain about the colors, but the price was so great for outdoor fabric, I decided to take a chance on it.

Then I found a geometric print, which coordinated perfectly.

I combined the two for the square pillows.  Check out my lazy trimwork.

I just have a hard time putting a lot of money or effort into something that will eventually be pooped on by some passing bird.  Don't you agree?

That's two projects off my list.  I think I'll set a spell for while for now.

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  1. the fabric looks great together, beautiful, so satisfying to make your own!


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