Monday, February 25, 2013

Making the Best of It

I've tried to make the most of our unfortunate kitchen.  Yes, I actually had a kitchen remodeling estimator call it "unfortunate."  Too small, too open, lousy ventilation, no window, very limited natural light.  I really like the rest of my house, but I dislike the kitchen.  My husband and I are beginning to formulate a strategy for it that would involve the least amount of investment in case we move eventually.

In the meantime, I thought some clutter control might help, starting with the space over the cabinets. Most of this hasn't changed since we moved in about ten years ago, but it's too much little stuff, like the canisters.

Back then, I thought I needed to fill every little space up there.  It obviously wasn't the right approach.

I cleared everything away and started over, mostly incorporating things I already had around the house.

The corner is extra deep, and I had a huge brass planter with a wonderful tarnished patina I found at ReStore.  Together with the ceramic thrift store rooster and the tall glass canister with wine corks, the corner is now filled without looking too cluttered.

I think eventually we'll look into bumping up the cabinet above the stove so we have more clearance on the stove top, but in the meantime, I gave more visual height over the stove with a tall vase and large basket.

(Notice I haven't changed the brassy door hinges yet?  Classy, huh?)

I had found a wonderful tole tray at the thrift store a few months ago, but I couldn't decide how to use it. It makes a lovely vignette with the tea kettle and lantern.  We've had the map print from our broke-college-student days, so I'm on the look out for replacement artwork.  Regardless, this cluster is probably my favorite.

Part of my long term strategy is beefing up the crown molding, but overall, I think it looks a lot better up there.

A final note: Popcorn ceilings in a kitchen are a pain in the neck.  Literally. They develop stalactites of grease and dust that are hard to clean. Gross. Do you know what I've found works best for cleaning the popcorn ceiling in the kitchen? A lint roller, especially the ones made for upholstery since roller is perpendicular to the handle.

Just gently roll it across the ceiling.  Very, very gently.  You want to catch the nasty stalactites on the sticky roller, not press their greasiness into the ceiling or crush that lovely ceiling texture.  Tear off the sheets often.

Take heed if you have an older home:  Popcorn ceilings may contain asbestos and should not be disturbed.

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  1. I've had to make the best of my kitchen too. It's small with old appliances. I've painted the cupboards which was a big improvement...but also a big job. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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