Thursday, February 7, 2013

In the Details

I finally finished my first big project of the year last Sunday.  It took about a week longer than I expected, but I'm pleased with the results.  I'll have to wait until this weekend when I can get good day shots, but a reveal is coming!

By the way, I recently switched over to Google Chrome on my main blogging computer.  Internet Explorer wasn't playing nicely with Blogger anymore, and about the same time, I started having issues with browser hijacking on some of my favorite blogs.  Then, I maxed out my free storage space on Blogger and had to invest in a Google storage drive.  Now my photos upload much, much faster.  I am a happy camper.  If you are a regular Blogger (with a capital B), I recommend making these upgrades.

I have so many projects stacking up that I want to start now, but in the meantime, I made some minor adjustments to one of my favorite vignettes.

I'm sort of burning out on the bird craze, but this little fellow from Hobby Lobby was just too cute.  I thought about painting him bronze, but I keep telling myself I need to lighten up.

I did some rearranging, moving this ceramic pot "sleeve" under a basic terra cotta pot.  I found it at Lowes on clearance last year.  I thought it was $1.50, but I had misread the 50% off sign.  It turned out to be only 75 cents which was even better.

I bought something at Christmas and the package was tied with a beaded tassel.  I don't remember what it was.  A candle?  A bag of pine cones?  No matter.  Doesn't the tassel look pretty wrapped around the lamp base?

Sometimes, it's all in the details!


  1. It IS all in the details, isn't it? Whenever I redo a vignette, I fuss and fuss until everything is JUST RIGHT. Your vignette is lovely. I love the little bird on his perch.

  2. That looks really nice. I'm glad blogger is working better for you. Recently I noticed I had a bunch more picture storage space, so I'm not sure what happened there; they must have increased the space per blog. (I didn't upgrade anything, I don't think.)

  3. Switching up a vignette can really change a room. Looks beautiful.


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