Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Used Palette

I think I'm hard on palettes. I let paint dry on them. The modeling compound I use to give my knife work depth builds up over time. Every so often, I scrap off some of the gunk, but eventually it gets too hard to work with so I start over with a fresh palette.

I remember seeing a used artist's palette at an antique market. It was beautiful. The wood was worn and lovely, and there were dabs of paint neatly smeared about it. Someone was clearly neater, cleaner painter than I am.

Used Wooden Palette
Acrylic on Wood, approximately 12 inches by 15 inches
Available for purchase here SOLD

Speaking of neater and cleaner, I spruced up the old blog layout to more accurate reflect the new direction I'm heading with this blog. I really loved the old banner, but it was time for a change. Support my palette abuse with the actual palette used for my updated header. It would look great tucked in a bookcase!

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