Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Helper

Remember Toonces the Driving Cat from Saturday Night Live?

This is Mason the Sewing Cat.

I was never a cat person until Mason came into our lives.  He was a sickly stray kitten when I rescued him from a tree in our backyard two years ago (we're big believers in animal rescue at our house).  And he loves to watch me sew.

He's quite the little helper.

Or he just wants to be the center of my attention?

Oh, who can resist that little face?


  1. Haha - love it! I have 2 cats that think I need 'help' with every project that I do. They really like it when I am wrapping presents and am on the computer. Sometimes, they really do help -

  2. Hehehe!!! He is too cute! My son likes to help me sew, but my cat is terrified of the machine (and all noises, really!)


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