Saturday, November 20, 2010

Message Boards, Part 2

Last week I was busy painting the salvaged cabinet doors I was turning into message boards in my garage and having fun playing with the various leaves that blew in and threatened to disrupt the project.  Well, the message boards are mostly complete and I feel like I'm really starting to get a feel for glazing.  I really like how the glazing brings out the nooks and crannies and subtle distress of the wood.

Love the Peacock Blue!  Of course, I had to do one in Heirloom White.

I had found a can of spray paint in Seafoam on the clearance rack.  Not my usual color choice, but I couldn't pass up the price.  I figured it might be good for something.  I was surprised how well it turned out once I put some brown glaze on it.  Makes me think of a shabby chic cottage by the sea.  So romantic.

The color I was most looking forward to trying was Avacado.  It's amazing that Avacado green is back.  I remember the appliances we had when I was a kid were Avacado green.  The ones in the next door neighbor's house were Harvest Gold.  And flocked wallpaper everywhere.  That stuff was a nightmare to remove.  By the eighties, it all looked TOTALLY GROSS.  After a rub down with glaze, the my Avacado was more like Guacamole.

I think it's my favorite.

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