Saturday, November 6, 2010

Color of Autumn

I know that EVERYONE has been posting their autumn pics, but the color is so glorious this time of year.  There was a stiff wind from the north a couple of days ago and I knew I needed to get outside to start taking down the garden for winter.  I think we've already had a light frost, but there were still a few small flowers hanging on.

And then there are the herbs!  I always try new lavender plants each year.  Some are winter-hardy and some aren't.  They all smell like heaven.

Oregano grows like a weed in our yard. I dry herbs in a shower stall of one of the bathrooms that rarely gets used in our house. Dark, dry, and easy to clean afterwards. Wish I had a picture from this year's drying!

Love working in this part of yard! Makes me hungry for some good pasta and a great bottle of wine.

Thyme does exceptionally well too.  Cut a few springs and use it to cook shrimp.  Yum!

And finally, sage!  We'll see you soon at Thanksgiving in our dressing.

I can hardly wait!

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