Monday, May 2, 2011

Cherries Jubilee

Did you think I went missing?

I've had the most terrible cold for over a week.  Horrible sore throat.  Nasty cough.  Dripping nose.  Aching head.  I completely missed Easter festivities.  The laundry is miles high.  It's been too long since the carpet has seen the vacuum.  The grass needs to be cut.  Sigh!

I put on my game face to go flower shopping Saturday afternoon, unloaded the car when we came home, then crashed on the sofa for an hour, fast asleep.

It was a busy Etsy week, and I finally felt well enough to return to my craft studio yesterday to put together this new Farmers Market Tote.

The burlap has a hint of sage green to it.  It's lined with cotton fabric printed with cherries.  I love the print and think it has a hint of retro to it.

More details are here.  I should have some garden projects to share later this week!

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  1. burlap with a hint of sage green???! swoon!
    sometimes I wonder if my love of burlap is odd, but then I decide I don't care if it is! I covered pillows on the upstairs porch in this beautiful golden brown that makes my heart leap everytime I look at them!!

    happy week!


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