Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Animals

First, I'd like to thank Sammy Davis Vintage for featuring one of my pieces from my Tragically Retro shop.  She was featuring animal-inspired jewelry and was kind to include this necklace.

Tragically Retro is an alternative Etsy shop I opened to showcase really, ahem, unusal jewelry.

Birds seem to be a common theme in the necklaces.

Where else could you find something like this:

Or elephants.

Now you are seeing why I named the shop Tragically Retro?

It's not all so bad.

Like your vintage jewelry a little more tame?  I have this sweet articulated owl necklace in my Tallgrass Design shop.

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  1. gorgeous flower pics in your newest posts, but i love those owl necklaces! i will have to be checking out your etsy shops! i won a giveaway a while back-picked an owl necklace actually-and never received it. boo!


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