Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We bought our first house during the month of October years ago.  The lot had been neglected and I found a rather ragged looking plant next to the fence.  I dug up the clump and tossed it in the back corner of the yard with the rest of the compost.  In the spring, I discovered it was sprouting.  I had big dreams of a garden on a tiny budget, so I figured if this clump was sending up fat stems so nicely, I'd give it a second chance.  I planted it next to the gate and crossed my fingers I didn't just transplant a weed.

A couple of weeks later, my in-laws stopped by for a visit.  Noticing that my mother-in-law's husband hesitated when he walked past it, I asked him if he knew what it was.  He slowly blinked at me, the way he does when he's collecting he thoughts before he speaks.  Inside I was already cringing, afraid I was growing a prize-winning weed.  Finally he said, "It's a peony." 

What a relief!  And a few days later, I was rewarded with enormous blooms.

I usually grow flowers to enjoy OUTSIDE, but after a heavy spring rain, the big sagging blooms beg to be brought inside. 

I just have to make sure there are no ant hitch-hikers.  And the lilacs bloomed last week and smell wonderful!

Hmmm...I think this old-fashioned scene could use a doily.  What do you think?

Alas, it's not the original doily I planned to use.  In the midst of planning the tablescape, I had discovered a most unfortunate thing had happened to some of my doily collection.  Check back to learn about the Great Doily Debacle.

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  1. What a gorgeous peony! I'm so glad you saved it! When we bought our disaster of a place, the only thing growing was a very bright orange poppy. I love having something original to the old farmstead. (But your peony is much prettier!)


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