Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Studio Organization

I had another post planned for today, but it's too cloudy to get good indoor pictures.  So I worked in my windowless studio in the basement instead.

I really have window issues.  I wish we had daylight windows in the basement.  Alas, we only have one tiny egress window, and it's not in my craft space.

A more pressing matter is organization.  A few weeks ago, I was trying to prepare a shipment to drop off at the post office on my way to work and I couldn't find the packing tape.  I ran through three levels of the house searching for it.

Blast it!  I'm not doing that again!  What I need is a pegboard.

I picked up the largest scrap pegboard at ReStore I could fit in my car for only a dollar (never mind the tear and broken corners - I can cut it down).  One more dollar got me a small bag of various pegboard hooks.  In keeping with my February plan to deal with unfinished projects, I employed some shutters that have been gathering dust in the garage.

I gave the pegboard a coat of craft paint and sealed it with Mod Podge.

No more hunting for scissors.  A co-worker had cleaned out her own craft room and passed along her thread rack.

The pegboard had slightly ragged edges after cutting it, but the shutters concealed the sides.  I added a piece of scrap trim to cover the bottom edge. Rather than add trim to the top, I sewed an old valance into a ruffled and pinned it along the top.

A place for everything and everything in its place, Mr. Packing Tape!

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