Monday, February 13, 2012

Sun Mirror

Last January, I did a post on the trends that I was tired of seeing, like putting numbers on everything. 

"Keep calm and ____ on." 

And antlers.  I still don't understand the appeal of antlers.

I haven't given much thought about it this year, maybe because nothing is really getting under my skin.  Chevron isn't really my thing.  Birds are out and cows are in.

But dressers covered in mirrors = fingerprints!  Seems terribly impractical.

We've gone from dusty chalkboard tabletops to mirrored drawers.

Sunburst mirrors are a mixed bag for me.  There were some impressive DIY sunburst mirrors out there in blogland last year.  Some others...not so much.

Not willing to invest much into the latest fad, I found this mirror at the thrift store.  It's not really a sunburst mirror, but it was only $3.99.

The cashier admired it when I paid.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I was going to paint it.

I thought blasting it with gold spray paint would do, but the paint had greenish undertones and I wasn't satisfied with the results.  So I canned the project. 

Until I thought of antique gold Rub 'n Buff.

Just squirt a little on my finger and smear it on the frame.  It's messy stuff, but I loved the warm glow it gives the piece.

I ran a ribbon through the hook on the back and hung it in the hearth room between the windows.  The windows face the west so the shades are always in a partially down position.

It appears His Lordship has returned for a nap.

We can come back later and admire the soft golden glow after dark.


  1. Hi - thanks for using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff! I really adore this little sunburst in its new finish. Such a major transformation, at a great price!

    See all of our Rub 'n Buff colors at

    Thanks again!

  2. Congrats on Amaco commenting on your blog! I do definitely think you got your money's worth! I'm with you on the antlers. I really don't get it...I have tried but I am pretty sure I'll never have them in my house. :o)


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