Friday, February 3, 2012

Unfinished Business

I've been thinking about my craft life lately. 
Specifically, all the unfinished projects hanging about the house.

I'll admit, sometimes my follow-through on my plans is...

Hey, look at this tray I scored at a garage sale for only a quarter!  I could paint it!

So, I am devoting the entire month of February to FINISH some of these projects.  "Window shopping" at thrift stores and craft supply will be strictly limited.

Notice I picked the shortest month of the year for this experiment?

First project:

Let's roll back to the summer of 2010.
Husband has just left for work, and I'm finishing breakfast before I leave for work myself.
It's Friday, trash day in our neighborhood. The phone rings.

"There is a window setting by the curb around the corner. It looks like something you might be interested in."

Oh yes, I am interested in this old window, but not the cutesy flowers painted on it.  So I paint it black.
And then it collects dust.

Move forward to last weekend.  After the chaos in my craft studio that was called Christmas, I begin to re-organize.  I could really use more shelving for the things I reach for often.  And what am I going to do with that old window?

Ah-ha!  A 1x6 board and some basic shelf brackets and now I have this:

I really needed another pin cushion, so I made one from scrap canvas, Poly-fil and a terra cotta flower pot from a miniature floral arrangement a co-worker gave me for Christmas a couple of decades ago (I knew there was a reason why I saved it).  It took me all of five minutes.  I'm on a roll!

Today, I have co-worker who can knit, and she taught me the basics.  Whoo-hoo!  I'm so excited to have an new craft skill!

I inherited a grandmother's knitting needles, so I wanted something fun to put them in, like a vase.  I could run to Savers tomorrow after work to look around...

No, none of that! 
What else do I have?

Plenty of scrap wood!  Cut four sides and a bottom.  Give it some distressing and some paint.  Add hardware from an old armoire I tore apart a few years ago for embellishment.

This is working out better than I thought!

A couple of years ago I pulled this from a fortune cookie on a really lousy day at work.

Let's see how much I can undertake and complete this month!

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  1. LOVE that shelf. What a brilliant use of the old window.


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